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1 John 4


  • What are the spirits?

  • How do we test the spirits?

  • As we confess, How does this help protect us from the “antichrist”?

  • Does this mean that we have the ability to know the goats from among the sheep?

  • He is greater than the world. Do we as christians live life as if he is greater than the world?

  • We know the difference between the world and believers. Are we constantly in the word to sharpen our understanding of the world and christian walk?

  • The spirit of truth and error. Sometimes we act as if the error is the truth. We must be diligent in our studies.


  • Love is the defining measure of a believer. Are we living up to the measuring stick?

  • Ghandi once said that he loves christianity, but dislikes the christians. Just food for thought.

  • How do we receive the ability to love?

  • If God is love, then doesn’t are relationship with God affect are ability or the extent to love others?

  • We are able to have perfected love if we are able to show love to one another, does our fellowship do this?

  • God sent his son as our propitiation. This is a blessing to have this great relationship with God. He sees us perfected if we are covered in his sons blood.


  • How do we receive the Spirit?

  • Perfect love casts out fear, Why do we still have fear?


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